To Spice Things Up a Bit

Gralgo Spices From Ceylon was established to encourage the consumption of home grown organic spices in Sri Lanka. It is under the umbrella of M & M Enterprises, a family owned business, started its operations in 2008. Gralgo Spices From Ceylon was formed in 2020 with the intention of exporting premium Sri Lankan Spices with Environmental Sustainably being a key factor and creating higher standards in the Sri Lankan spice industry.

Sri Lankan spices are globally well renowned for its distinct flavors. The flavors and aroma from our spices come within the Island’s geographical indications. The most significant spice in Sri Lanka is Ceylon Cinnamon, also known as ‘True Cinnamon’ is native to Sri Lanka. The value and importance placed in Ceylon Cinnamon ranked Sri Lanka as the source for Ceylon Cinnamon exported around the world. Gralgo From Ceylon proudly acquire high quality organic spices from local farmers. These spices are hygienically packed and then distributed to leading supermarkets, largest online retailers and embarks in exporting Sri Lankan spices sustainably to international market.

Environmental sustainability remains at the forefront of Gralgo Spices. We were able to identify that most of the packaging used in the spice industry currently is not environmentally sustainable. Hence, Gralgo from Ceylon introduced an exclusive invention to the spice world by designing a 100% biodegradable spice container which is a kitchen shelf to table and a ready to use product which benefits the consumers in their busy daily lives. Unlike polytene, plastic and glass, our paper packaging takes only few weeks to decompose which helps the environment in the process.

Our Products

All spices are packed in Biodegradable Containers and Airtight Reusable Paper Pouches. Also, available to purchase in Bulk Quantities.

On request private labelling is possible.

Awards and Certifications

Winner of the Sustainability Award for 2021 in the Small and Medium Enterprise Category of Top German Brands in Sri Lanka.