To Spice Things Up a Bit

Gralgo Spices From Ceylon was started to encourage the consumption of home grown organic spices in Sri Lanka. An economically disadvantaged segment of the society is influenced to grow organic spices to earn an additional income. Gralgo Spices is under the umbrella of M & M Enterprise, a family run business, started its operations in 2008. During its inception, the company focused on farming and importing high quality frozen fish products distribution to star class hotels, restaurants and super markets.

Growing demand for the organic home grown spices were identified through the connections M & M Enterprises created and Gralgo Spices From Ceylon was formed in 2018. High quality home grown organic spices are purchased from local farmers, packed and distributed to leading local supermarkets as well as exporting to various buyers throughout the world.

Gralgo Spices is mainly focused in developing new products while maintaining responsible relationships with its stakeholders while creating a valuable addition to the society by increasing the standards of living for the farmers and growers.

Environmental sustainability remains at the forefront of Gralgo Spices and we identified that most of the packaging used in the spice industry currently is not environmentally sustainable. Hence, we are proud to launch an exclusive invention to the world by designing a 100% biodegradable product to have a shelf-kitchen to table and ready-to-use product which benefit the consumers in their busy daily lives. Unlike the polytene, plastic and glass, the paper packaging we use only takes 6-9 weeks to decay and helps the environment in the process.